Cimarron Cocoa Estates continues to improve the lives of the small farmers in the local cacao-growing community. 

In order to accelerate the impact of Sacha GoldĀ® trees in the community, in 2012, a three-way agreement was signed between Cimarron, Blommer Chocolates and the Orellana provincial government to create a network of small farmers using the Sacha GoldĀ® trees for the Farmer Field Schools (FFS) program.  In the agreement, Blommer launched the Sacha Gold Program. This program trains farmers in best practices and provides sustainable farming and high yielding tree stock to more than 1000 farmers in the Amazon Region of Ecuador.

Our women managed cacao farming has infused local farmers and communities with stability and self sufficiency. Many of the women in the community have learned the techniques of grafting and thus are able to contribute to the livelihood of their families. In this pioneer effort, we have directly added to the well-being of the women and men farmers in the cacao-growing community.