Everyone at Cimarron is committed to the values and high standards of growing and producing our single estate dark cacao. We take great pride in our all natural products, our community, and our goal of ultimately providing the finest world class Sacha Gold®cacao. Our dedicated specialists have vast experience in growing cacao, production, management, and disease control, and in the field, our farm personnel handles everything from seeds to harvest. We celebrate the spirit of our mission and our love of chocolate. 

Marisol Choez, Farm Manager  Marisol is a woman with initiative. Originally from the Manabí Province in Ecuador, Marisol met our partners through cacao farmers and started with Cimarron in 2011. She oversees the day-to-day operations, and is proficient in pruning, fermenting, drying and every other aspect at the farms. She lives in Joyas de los Sacha with her husband and sons, and thanks Cimarron for changing her life.

George Loquvam, Founding Partner  George is a US citizen with over 35-year experience in Latin American agriculture. He also has worked in cocoa in Nicaragua, Colombia, Haiti, Peru and Ecuador. He has good experience managing FFS for Blommer Chocolate in the Ecuadorian Amazon. He has an MSc in horticulture from the University of Arizona and is a permanent resident of Ecuador.

Jeff Sheedy, Founding Partner  Jeff graduated from the US Naval Academy and served as a nuclear submarine officer. He has an MBA from the University of Chicago and has owned and operated industrial companies for over 14 years. He provides experience to operational and management activities. He is a permanent resident of Ecuador.

Maggie Sheedy, Founding Partner  Maggie graduated from Pepperdine University with a degree in Marketing. After many years working for Wall Street firms, she turned her focus to marketing and expanding the awareness of the exceptional quality of the cacao products of the Sacha Gold® brand internationally.  She lives in Washington, DC.

Julio Váscones, Founding Partner  Julio has a degree in agriculture from Zamorano in Honduras and an MBA from INCAE in Costa Rica. He has more than 29 years hands-on management experience and 8 years in cocoa production and is very knowledgeable as regards to the Sacha Gold® selections. He is detail oriented and is an excellent Business Manager. He also has years of management experience in dairy and flower operations in the Ecuadorian Highlands. He has good experience managing FFS for Blommer Chocolate in the Ecuadorian Amazon. He is an Ecuadorian citizen.

Our passionate farmers, founders and managers.  

Farm Manager Marisol Choez.

Cimarron Founding Partner Maggie Sheedy on a rainy day on the farm.

Cimarron Founding Partner George Loquvan, Ramon Caicedo, Field Leader Angel Solis, Field Leader Vicente Lopez, Founding Partner Richard Biocca, Farm Manager Marisol Choez, Jose Sanchez, Fernando Valverde and Fermenter & Bean Dryer Santo Marquez.