Cimarron Cocoa Estates, Ltd. produces world class Trinitario Fino de Aroma dark cacao, raw nibs, powder and chocolate covered nibs, sells disease-resistant cacao trees through our cacao nurseries, and provides field training to local farmers. Branded Sacha Gold® cacao is grown on a farm that's environmentally responsible, economically sustainable, traced to a single estate, and maintains an important focus on the community. The success of the Sacha Gold® brand has led to nearly 1.5 million of our trees planted by local cacao farmers in the last five years. 

At present, Cimarron has two farms of 40 hectares each of dark cacao in production. We provide our clients the confidence of standardized, high quality production.  Our modular production system allows us to provide plants throughout the year and the capacity to scale for large demand. We have an established commercial greenhouse operation growing quality, high yielding Sacha Gold® trees to satisfy the demand of private companies, small farmers, cooperatives, and the local government.

Our cacao combines essential health benefits of antioxidants, minerals and flavonoids. Cacao for centuries has been celebrated for its positive health characteristics. Our cacao has a rich chocolate flavor and full-bodied bouquet.  

Sacha Gold® chocolate covered cacao beans are simply our cacao and unrefined sugar for a one of a kind specialty.  Our raw nibs can be eaten alone, sprinkled on desserts and yogurts, added to cereals, blended into smoothies, added to sauces,  anything you can create with chocolate. Enjoy the exquisite flavor and the healthy benefits of this superfood in your daily life. 

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