Cimarron Cocoa Estates produces Sacha Gold® single estate Trinitario Fino de Aroma dark cacao. Our fine flavored cacao is ethically produced and traceable to our farm in the Amazon in Ecuador. This natural superfood provides a great source of antioxidants, flavonoids, minerals and vitamins. Our commitment to the cacao-growing community is strong and the lives of the farmers enriched by our dedication.


Cimarron Cocoa Estates is a women managed Ecuadorian company started in 2005, dedicated to producing great tasting Fino de Aroma dark cacao under the name Sacha Gold®.  Cimarron is located in Joya de los Sachas, Ecuador deep in the Amazon Basin in the Orellana Province. Cimarron currently produces at the source over 80 tons of fine flavored Trinitario Fino de Aroma dark cacao. Sacha Gold® cacao has a rich chocolate flavor and full bodied bouquet. 

For hundreds of years, cacao has been a fixture in the local culture's spirituality, nutrition, and financial trade as nibs were once used as currency

Our cacao is carefully planted and cultivated, with uncompromising high standards of excellence. We have the highest quality fermentation and drying and offer excellent natural fine flavored cacao beans, nibs and pure cacao powder to international buyers around the world. 

BK Matlick, internationally renowned and influential cacao expert, says that Sacha Gold® "is the most important cacao finding since the breeding of the CCN-51 variety in the 1960s".